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Writer and Director Sebastien Petretti Joins Our Talent Pool

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Its with great pleasure we're excited to announce that comedy and performance director Sebastien Petretti has joined our roster of media talent. Sebastien loves to both write and direct with a knack for eliciting great performances imbued with a quirky sense of humour, great framing, composition and art direction that combine to make Seb an exciting and fun talent to collaborate with. We're delighted to be able to represent him in the UK both as a writer and director for commercials music videos and long-form projects for screen.

His commercials career has seen him helm ads for clients such as McDonalds, Samsung, Galaxy, Google, Citroen, Durex and Kinder, although his love for casting and characters mean he's happiest writing and directing shorts and working on longer form projects and the occasional music video.

A busy family man with international representation and various side projects on the go mean Sebastien has always got something interesting to bring to the table and that's why we're chuffed to welcome him as a creative contributor to Native-Collectives Media Talent.

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