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Posidonia Collection -Seaweed Super Powers

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Many of us might take offence to those large mounds of algae on the shorelines of various beaches and depending on the time of year they may also give off a slightly pungent whiff. However, society and science are gradually coming together to prove that seaweed may just be the substance of the future. Here at Native Collective we couldn't agree more and as an ecological creative consultancy we aim to highlight these benefits and enable you to enjoy the beauty of them and celebrate their super powers through our exquisite ecological textile and homeware collection.

Providing a myriad of benefits to various sectors of commerce from the beauty industry, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, eco-conscious biodegradable products and packaging, animal feed, bio fuel for energy production and seaweed farms enabling the sequester of nearly 200 million tonnes of CO2 every year - as much as New York States annual emissions. Seaweed might just be the super hero we need to help in the fight to save our planet.

According to marine ecologist Pia Winberg in an article for the BBC if seaweed farming is scaled up, algae could replace plastic packaging. A very exciting and innovative prospect indeed. She believes seaweeds fast growth rate and ability to absorb vast amounts of carbon dioxide will change the way we farm, not just in the oceans but on land and that tackling climate change - a global problem that impacts all of us and a very real issue none of us can afford to ignore, the future of our planet may require us to grow more seaweed - much much more.

(Image courtesy of Haeckels - Facials and Sea Vegetable Extracts used in thalassotherapy)

So why not get in touch with us and celebrate its benefits and beauty by purchasing a product from our Posidonia collection - inspired by the indigenous seaweed meadows whilst living next to the idyllic coastlines of Ibiza and Formentera.

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