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Hand-woven Fabric Collaboration withTrama Textile

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

At Native Collective we believe in collaboration and actively look to partner with organisations that share our values.

Our exquisite limited edition homeware collection is now also available hand-woven by the incredibly skilled women of Guatemala who are part of the Trama Textile cooperative.

This organisation was formed in 1988 after some of the most devastating years of the civil war left many women without a husband or household income. The women united and shared their Mayan cultural weaving knowledge in their community helping to both preserve their traditions and support themselves and their families.

Today they have seventeen weaving co-operations across six regions. Each village has their own elected representative within the organisation. The representative communicates with the head office in Xela to coordinate textile deliveries, and to ensure each weaver is receiving a good price for her work. Trama is 100% worker-owned and worker-run.

Our Posidonia Collection can be hand woven and embroidered using non toxic dyes and traditional methods in a colour palette that's complimentary to your interior scheme.

Please don't hesitate to call, message or email us for an interior consultation.

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