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Native Collective Enlist the services of The Insecurity Guards

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Native Collective Events are excited to offer the much needed services of The Insecurity Guards in the Balearic Islands and beyond.

Patrolling the finest events around the world, the Insecurity Guards are here to rid you of your pesky insecurities, helping you let loose without worry. Be gone you pesky insecurities and feel at ease in good company at our next seasonal Native Collective Supper Club Event.

They align themselves with events that have a positive impact on the community, strive for social good and are inclusive to all, such as Pride (Brighton, London, Sydney, Melbourne, Vancouver, Auckland), XR, and we have a long established partnership with Morning Gloryville London.

Participants write down their insecurities on pieces of paper and deposit them in our high-tech Insecurity Safe (TM). All insecurities collected are private and not read by anyone.

Then, either at the event or back home, we set the entire safe ablaze.

Burn insecurities, Burn!!

Established in 2014, and already in over 6 countries; The Insecurity Guards perform at large scale public and private events, clubs parties and festivals.

In the UK they've patrolled (often with repeat performances) at the following festivals:

Bimble, Burning Nest, Citadel Festival, Edinburgh Fringe, Microburn, Noisily, Small World, Summerhouse, Wilderness Festival.

And the following events:

The Other Art Fair London, Ted X Brighton, Sunday Assembly London, Rumpus and London Decompression.

They've also patrolled worldwide!:

AUS: Burning Seed, Secret Garden Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, Rainbow Serpent Festival, Confest, Sydney Decompression, Morning Gloryville Melbourne and All About Women (an International Women’s Day event at the Sydney Opera House)

US: Burning Man

NZ: Splore, CubaDupa, Festival of Colour, Kiwiburn, Chur Burn, Ignition

EU: The Borderland (Denmark), Nowhere (Spain), Pete the Monkey Festival (FR

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