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Pop-Up Cinema Events

Updated: Mar 9

Engaging people, changing consumer behaviour and challenging perceptions and out dated thinking through meaningful community based projects is at the core of what we do at Native Collective. We feel there's no better way to inspire and engage audiences than through the medium of film and that's why we utilise our experience of working with high end creative directorial and writing talent to help get those messages across to communities around the world with the power of story telling and film.

Joining forces with our talented ex-work colleague from Short&Sweet

one of the worlds first platforms for championing film makers and showcasing short films to audiences around the world offers us the opportunity to curate film programmes to various venues and bring communities together on a year round basis whilst making use of parking lots and other areas that might otherwise be overlooked and underutilised.

Therefore we're very excited to be able to offer businesses looking to utilise their premises or parking lots the opportunity to showcase a season of curated films with one of our partners easily transportable blow-up cinema screens.

If your business requires creative consultation check out our media services and give us a call or send a message to

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