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Global change you can't afford to ignore

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

With the worlds attention turning towards the ever increasing need to find more sustainable practices for global business and investment specialists such as UBS actively encouraging investors to incorporate 'sustainable green and renewable energy focused' businesses into their portfolios, exciting companies and innovators are developing around the world, helping to shape a new future for us all.

Firstly the automobile industry and in particular hybrid and electric vehicles are set to see a phenomenal investment with all car manufacturers turning their fleets electric over the next 15 years with investment by the US government worth hundreds of billions being directed towards sustainable incentives and subsidies for automakers; including the development of charging station infrastructure combined with plans to impose regulations for the use of gasoline and the internal combustion cars that use it. You don't have to be a trend forecaster to predict changing shape of our landscapes as a result of governments and commerce embracing and incentivising renewable energy.

Tax incentives are there for property owners who install their own in-home charging equipment along with direct subsidies to local governments to help with the expansion of their public charging infrastructure.

According to Forbes magazine American Senator Charles Schumer proposes to spend $45 billion in grants to upgrade the nations charging infrastructure and $17 billion to subsidise the retro-fitting of auto maker facilities to handle electric vehicle production. Schumers estimate for the cost of all this subsidisation as part of the overall plans to cut all societal carbon emissions is a conservative $454 Billion over the next decade.

Possibilities for electric vehicle fleets to be utilised across all sectors are significant and made possible with local government subsidies and tax incentives actively encouraging businesses to embrace EV's. Tourism seems like an obvious sector to incorporate these new measures within. Hire car companies, taxi fleets and public transport charging stations are obvious areas to look at implementing these new laws with beneficial environmental benefits to popular yet delicate island ecosystems.

This blog entry is the first in a series that aims to highlight a few of these conscientious enterprises that are set to change our future for the better.

McLaren's electric Supercar: "This vehicle will serve an important role in the electrification of McLaren’s sports car models. In fact, by 2025, all of McLaren’s vehicles will feature hybrid powertrains to boost performance and comply with tighter emission standards across the globe"

*Volvo Electric Supercar - image courtesy of

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