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As part of our focus on the food revolution sweeping the world with unprecedented demand since the pandemic, the plant based foods association reported Refrigerated plant-based meat sales grew 75 percent in 2020, with products increasingly shelved adjacent to conventional meat. Plant-based seafood splashed into the plant-based meat category in 2020, accounting for $12 million in sales, up 23 percent over the previous year.

Plant-based milk — the largest plant-based category — has reached $2.5 billion and accounts for 35 percent of the total plant-based foods market.

Here at Native we like nothing more than shining a light on some of the companies that are shifting consumer behaviour globally and we combine our skills in production screen writing, production and creativity to help spread positive messages and encourage communities to sample for themselves gently affecting how the world operates, what we consume, how we consume and where as well as taking a closer look at transparent global supply chains, distributors and stockists.

We pitch ideas to TV studios, online streaming platforms, networks and owned channels whilst we bridge the gap between consumers and products. Take for example our Foodie Revolution T.V pitch that we're busy presenting to various networks and established TV networks and global media owners. Literally inviting global venues to sample products from innovative producers such as Juicy Marbles, The Vegan Butcher, No Catch and so many more.

We'll be back soon once we're able to publish our posts with vibrant imagery and technical troubles have all been resolved.

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