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Updated: Nov 8, 2021

We're delighted to announce that we're currently working alongside Annex a production company with over forty five years experience producing commercial campaigns for global brands. Native Collective are proud to be consulting on exciting new business opportunities that embody the Native Collective ethos. Having a background as a directors rep and head of talent and previously signing many award winning directors and acclaimed photographers to their roster it was an honour to be asked to look into angles for new business development.

With so many exciting film makers and directors to call upon and utilise to help forward thinking brands spread their messages of innovation and help illicit positive changes for the planet, we really are spoilt for choice when it comes to aligning the right film director or photographic talent for each brand.

Alongside Annex Films' rich history in working with traditional above the line agencies for TV campaigns and so much in-house production at agencies lessening the opportunities for new film makers to make their breaks commercially, production co's are looking to consolidate their offerings and do more work direct to client.

This means offering bespoke solutions to brands who perhaps are not yet in a position to enlist the help of a full service agency. Obviously we're not looking to take the role of agencies we respect enormously, however we are able to utilise the relationships developed over many years with freelance creatives, art directors, copy writers, account handlers and strategists alongside our own in-house producers, directors, talent and new business consultants, production managers, editors and post production specialists. Enabling us to be able to scale up our team according to the needs of each project.

So whether your brand is looking to sponsor a suite of films for broadcast, generate a series of films for use online for use across owned channels as part of a wider strategy around a new product launch or initiative, engage a wider audience, or align themselves with brand collaborations for specific initiatives, Native-Collective media consultancy and our alliance with Annex can help make that a reality.

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