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Curating and creating our Posidonia collection

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Welcome to the Native Collective community, we're so glad you've stopped by to check us out and hopefully become part of our community. This blog journal aims to give you some info on who we are, what we do and how we do it!

We like to raise awareness about ecological and social change initiatives and then we curate and commission artists to develop bespoke designs based on our current topic of conversation that might be initiated as a theme at one of our chatty tuesday supper club parties. Once our artist community has answered our creative brief with their designs, we then make the designs into products that help to raise awareness and contribute towards various organisations vital work - in this case helping to preserve the delicate underwater meadows that are responsible for reducing Co2, providing oxygen and breeding grounds for native marine species and enabling the coastline to remain crystal clear in the Pitiusa Islands of the mediterranean.

Uber talented artist and long term collaborator and personal friend Karine Faou answered our Posidonia artist brief perfectly and came back to us with a stunning design inspired by the delicate posidonia sea grass meadows and our chosen organisation Save Posidonia Project. We'll be making the Native Collective Posidonia designs available to purchase as fabrics and a range of lifestyle products for the home.

Karine has been commissioned by international brands the world over looking to utilise her exquisite illustrations. Check out a video of her at work a couple of years ago illustrating a billboard live for Mercedes.

Artist and Native Collective collaborator Karine Faou:

Sourcing the fabrics for our Posidonia range has been quite an enlightening journey discovering the multitude of eco friendly and organic sustainable fabric alternatives that are available.

Can you recommend any other innovative and eco friendly fabric and textile companies?

Stay tuned for our next update, until then we welcome you to our community and any comments or questions on our events, products and initiatives via

Pinatex - Leather from Pineapples


Eco friendly organic Cotton

Flax Fibres - organic Linen


Banana Plant

Citrus Peel

Lotus Flower Silk

Eucalyptus Wood Pulp - Tencel fabric

Used Recycled Plastic Bottles - PET Recyclable fabric

Plant Fibre - Ramie fabric

Cellulose from Beech Trees - Modal fabric

Organic Alpaca

Organic Mohair

Organic Wool

Organic Silk

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