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A Warm Welcome to Comedy Director Lasse Gretland

We've had a busy week here at Native announcing some of our International writing and directing talent. We're delighted to welcome Lasse Gretland to our talent pool as comedy and performance director and writer.

Native-Collective's Founder and Creative Director Ali Lindsay was first introduced to Lasse years ago whilst she was busy hosting her directors and advertising agency friends in a villa in Cannes as Lasse casually climbed over the garden wall one morning and joined her and the agency guests and directors for breakfast.

Charmed by his deadpan wit and mutual friends and colleagues Ali dutifully researched his work, invited him to stay for a BBQ and decided to keep him on her radar. She's now delighted to be able to offer his work through Native Collective and the many varied projects we work on.

His ability to illicit exceptional performance combined with a natural understanding of comedy timing culminate in amusing projects with entertaining off-beat quirky characters.

A self confessed audiophile, whilst not busy directing TV series and commercials Lasse runs a small company called “Little Fwend” that makes a very niche product for use with turntables. He also plays in a band and keeps busy sound recording and mixing.

His work has been awarded at internationally recognised creative festivals and whilst we're never sure what he might surprise us with next its sure to raise a smile and that's why we're delighted to offer his work and have him on board as a contributor for creative projects.

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