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Brands In Focus: Plant-Based Food Alternative Revolution

For a while now there's been a burgeoning quiet revolution taking place with alternative plant-based proteins making their way onto peoples plates globally.

No longer just the preserve of vegans and vegetarians the world is waking up to the need to alter our diets as a way of helping to preserve the planet, keep fishes in the oceans and lessen the impact of livestock farming. Small changes that every family can make and be pleasantly surprised by the authenticity of the taste for even the most dedicated meat and fish eaters that will drastically help to reduce the levels of CO2 and emissions. It's the simplest most effective change that we can make as consumers. So just having a meat free week or veganuary is no longer just for stereotypical 'tree-huggers'.

Michelin starred restaurants around the world such as Manhattans Eleven Madison Park, one of the top names in Manhattans foodie scene made the decision to opt for a plant-based menu saying the modern food system was simply not sustainable. On the other end of the spectrum chain restaurants such as Burger King and McDonalds are also offering tasty plant based alternative beef and chicken alternatives.

On a recent visit to a seaside town Native Collective founder Ali Lindsay was amazed to sample the innovative alternative to fish and chips served up curtesy of No Catch. According to founders Kevyn and Ed 'A staggering 380 million portions of fish and chips are eaten in the UK each and every year. That's a huge amount of animals being killed and an unimaginable amount of damage to our planet, just for fish and chips.'

Ali said of their restaurant "Their alternative To-Fish was a convincing alternative to the real thing.I was surprised to learn that bottom trawling produces more carbon dioxide every year than the entire aviation industry and the fishing industry is responsible for creating dead zones this is something we need to address urgently and this seems like a great solution to that problem" I hope to see more restaurants utilising these innovative companies such as Beyond Burger, Good Catch, La Vie, Richmonds, This Isn't, and The Vegan Butcher to mention just a few of the brands readily available on the supermarket shelves as alternative options.

According to Fortune Business Insights; 'The global meat substitutes market is projected to grow from $5.88 billion in 2022 to $12.30 billion by 2029, at a CAGR of 11.11% in forecast period, 2022-2029 Read More at:-

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