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Brands In Focus - Offshore Wind Giants Renewable Energy

As one of the worlds most forward thinking and sea faring nations with free education and healthcare and an enviable work-life balance, Denmark is home to one of the worlds leading offshore wind power companies Orsted.

Although the country is one of the EU's largest oil producers, it plans to stop fossil fuel extraction by 2050. Dong (Dansk Oli og Naturgas) the company responsible for managing the oil extracted from the North Sea by Maersk during the 1970's and 1980's is now, thirty years later known as Orsted and one of the worlds leading offshore wind-power companies.

The name change happened in 2017 and was inspired by a scientist who discovered the connection between electricity and magnetism, this proved to be the catalyst to ensure the country transitioned from being one of the most carbon intensive to one of the greenest.

"We're entering into offshore floating wind farms and we've commissioned our first solar and storage project" says CEO Mads Nipper who previously worked at Lego and water pump company Grundfos. Their target to generate 50 gigawatts by 2030 is already fully funded. Global expansion is a sure bet with continuing growth in the US and major eastern cities a positive sign.

Oil giants such as Total Shell and BP are currently competing for tenders to develop the seabeds in numerous territories for their own off shore wind farms.

As consumers we have a responsibility to decarbonise as quickly as possible to help future proof the planet and put business and commerce into action.

Every single industry will have involvement in the coming years from agriculture, travel, aviation, nautical, automobile, construction, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, beauty, textiles and everything in between.

Governments are actively subsidising various industry sectors, according to Forbes, the US government proposes to spend $45 billion in grants to upgrade the nations charging infrastructure and investment specialists such as UBS are encouraging investors to broaden their portfolios with energy smart 'green' companies who are set to future proof the planet by utilising alternative means and methods in their production and supply chains.

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