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Brands In Focus - Haeckels Seaweed Skincare Products

With so much positive innovation in the world of business embracing the need to prioritise our planet and change mindsets that are stuck in the past, whereby degrading the planet for the materials and de-valuing the people in the manufacturing process are no longer acceptable practices. Transparency, integrity and clear supply chains are the order of the day. There's a quiet revolution taking place. A revolution that involves everyone and all sectors of commerce. Where loyalty, values and practices are placed above the need to purely focus on profitability.

This blog entry is the first in a new series that aims to showcase a myriad of companies that are quietly transforming the way we do things, simultaneously taking care of the planet whilst being innovative, resourceful and hugely successful. Credentials that fit beautifully with Native Collectives values around community, art and innovation, giving us the perfect jumping off platform to explore potential collaborations, whilst celebrating their ingenuity and spreading the word about their products and practices.

Take Haeckels skincare for example. Seaweed is used as a base for all their products and is (under license) harvested by hand moments away from their shop and laboratory in Margate, UK. Their gift cards are made of engraved wood not plastic and they implement solutions to help the planets ocean crisis.

We at Native Collective have been extolling the virtues of seaweed for a while now, but how many people are aware of its beneficial qualities for your skin?

It hydrates; it’s rich with valuable vitamins, minerals and amino acids; it’s anti-bacterial, skin rebuilding and anti-inflammatory; it’s all-natural, and all around us.

The Haeckels brand was established as a community problem solver. They were driven by trying to solve the waste problem – be that through their use of waste natural resources in the products, or presenting packaging solutions to the community that are fully recyclable or compostable. They're constantly evolving and what started as an idea and a small shop in Margate is now sold around the world. They have an Ocean First philosophy and they're constantly evolving.

These are values that bring loyal brand followers who engage with the brand and its core values.

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