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 creative consultancy and talent representation

Native-Collective is a collaborative creative consultancy working with award winning artists, writers, film directors, musicians, talent agents and producers. We have over twenty years of creative media experience working with some of the worlds biggest global brands bringing creative ideas to life for a multitude of creative platforms.

We represent directors and writers for projects on screen such as films, commercials and music videos, we commission artists for bespoke projects, we consult on talent and sales with commercial media production companies and provide an opportunity for artists from all disciplines to come together and work on projects that inspire and convey vital messages to communities through the power of film, story telling and art.

We partner with trusted talented people who share the same commitment to creativity, take a look at our blog, call or send an email to find out more.

“Art is not a thing, it is a way”

Elbert Hubbard



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